Meet the sisters behind Red Rooster Cookbooks

Kathy and I are sisters. We learned to cook on a wood stove at our Grandma’s knee. Whenever she headed toward the kitchen, we knew that something was up-something that might possibly involve mixing with a fork, cracking an egg, or patting down dough. She made our time in the kitchen magical.

Grandma lived on an eighty-acre farm in the hills of the Ozarks. Water was drawn from a cistern; the garden was tilled using a horse-drawn, steel plow. Fruits and vegetables were stored for the winter months in a root cellar. It was farm life at its best with good food at the heart of every family gathering.

As we grew older, married, and had our own families, our passion for good food and love for cooking continued. We started writing cookbooks in 2005 after years of testing dishes on our family and friends. Since then, we have co-authored six cookbooks offering the best of country life in the Ozarks.  Recently we have branched out into food products and kitchen essentials.

We have worked hard to make our products out-of-the-ordinary. The Red Rooster Cookbooks feature our family’s favorite recipes with easy-to-follow directions. The cappuccino mixes are rich and flavorful. The cracker coating mixes offer an alternative to conventional snack. The jellies, preserves, spreads and fruit butters are made from real fruit.  Our kitchen essentials are 100% made in America products. We hope you enjoy the products we have to offer.