Recipes from the Farm is a great collection of our favorite farm recipes, such as “Fresh Peach Pie” and new discoveries, such as “Cheeseburger Casserole.” (over 450 recipes)



All-American Favorites is filled with recipes you’ll bookmark, share, and make your own: “American Burgers” for a summer lunch, “Chicken Pot Pie” for the family, or” Upside-Down Blackberry Cake” for a special occasion. (450 recipes)

Wet, Wild & Woodsy is a wild game cookbook offering a complete collection of recipes that are easy to prepare and taste great such as “Venison-Style Meatballs,” “Squirrel Sliders,”
and “Grilled Catfish Tacos”. (450 recipes)



Household Helpful Hints is loaded with
shortcuts, practical advice, ingenious ideas, how-to information, and hundreds of great ideas all designed to save time and trouble.

Garden Fresh Recipes is packed with over 400 recipes with easy ways to enjoy the health benefits and delicious taste of fresh foods. (450 recipes)